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‘Air Mary’ Claims Parents’ Home As Her Own

August 29, 2014

Already embroiled in controversy over having been caught billing taxpayers with chartered plane flights to various campaign fundraising events around the country, embattled incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has a new battle to fight. When…


Shaheen Attack Ad on Brown Backfires

August 29, 2014

Perhaps no better sign is evidence of the closing gap in the polls between incumbent Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown than the desperation of late from the Shaheen campaign. With…


Romney Tops in Iowa

August 29, 2014

Still in great demand, Mitt Romney continues his travels around the country campaigning for various and sundry Republican candidates in this deciding anti-Obama political environment. At every stop he is asked about running for president…

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Would Hillary Be An Obama Third Term?

August 29, 2014

Would a Hillary presidency be a veritable Obama third term? Howard Kurtz thinks so. Citing the routine turnover in presidential cycles between Republicans and Democrats, he says Americans have shown a history of switching parties…


Obama’s Action on Immigration May Decide Midterms

August 28, 2014

Having already threatened to take executive action on immigration this summer, President Obama is poised to make a move before the midterm elections, reports The Washington Times. Should such executive actions include naturalizing the millions…


NYT Snubs Cuomo

August 28, 2014

A major setback was dealt for NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his bid to secure his party’s nomination in his re-election campaign. The New York Times, Newsmax reports, has refused to issue an endorsement of the…


Ducey Wins GOP Gov. Nomination in AZ

August 27, 2014

Arizona Treasurer, and former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, Doug Ducey won a plurality of the primary votes cast yesterday to secure the GOP nomination in his race to succeed Janet Brewer in the sunbelt.…

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Cameron: Bump for GOP

August 27, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is publicly defiant in the face of predictions that he and his colleagues will lose control of the Senate to Republicans on November 4th. Explaining his doubt, Reid detailed, “They’d…

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Sabato: No Bump for GOP

August 27, 2014

Writing for Politico Magazine, seasoned University of Virginia Politics professor Larry Sabato posed an important question for the Republican Party as we head into Labor Day week and over the final stretch of the midterm…

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Weekend At Bernie’s

August 27, 2014

Hillary may have a new threat in 2016, and it’s not coming from an expected corner of the Democrat tent. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the only openly avowed Socialist in Congress, has made comments specifically targeted…

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