Can We Spell Defeat O-I-H-O?

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Published on August 24, 2012

Poor Barack Obama continues to do his best to convince America that he truly is the proverbial “smartest guy in the room”, a task made more difficult each and every passing day. The president recently made a stop in one of the 57 states which he is trying to win this November, this time in the battleground state of Ohio. Or, is it O-I-H-O?

We certainly can understand that the President is under a great deal of stress lately, especially given the fact that the magic of Hopeychanginess appears to be wearing off. This latest gaffe comes on the heels of an interesting forecast of the upcoming presidential race:

A presidential election prediction model developed by two University of Colorado professors points to a big win for GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney in November.

The model, the only of its kind to use more than one state-level economic indicator, has correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1980.

It predicts Romney winning the electoral college by a 320-218 margin and winning 52.9 percent of the popular vote when only the two major parties’ candidates are considered, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Romney, it concluded, will win every state currently considered by pollsters to be a swing state, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

The model even predicts Romney will win Minnesota and Maine’s Second Congressional District, the electoral votes of which most pollsters consider to be “safe” for President Obama. Nevada and Iowa are the only swing states it assigns to Obama.

“Based on our forecasting model, it becomes clear that the president is in electoral trouble,” explained Kenneth Bickers, a political science professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder who developed the prediction model with Michael Berry of University of Colorado-Denver.

We’re not sure that proud residents of the Buckeye State will entrust their 18 electoral votes to a man who cares so little for their state that he can’t even spell it correctly. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that many residents of the remaining 56 states will either.