Election Results Breakdown

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Published on January 03, 2013

Two years ago, pundits declared any Republican effort to unseat President Obama a Sisyphean task.

Mitt Romney proved them wrong, and he ran a campaign that came close to victory.

When we saw the crowd of 30,000+ Ohioans in Cincinnati cheering on Romney the Friday before the election, we all believed in his chances.

But the pundits were right. Incumbents usually win.

U.S. Senate

Republicans lost Indiana, Maine, and Massachusetts. They picked up Nebraska for a net loss of two seats.

2010: 53 (D) – 47 (R)
2012: 55 (D) – 45 (R)
+2 Democrats

U.S. House of Representatives

Democrats needed 25 seats to re-take the House. They were only able to net eight seats.

2010: 242 (R) – 193 (D)
2012: 234 (R) – 201 (D)
+8 Democrats