No Mercy for Lance Armstrong

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Published on January 25, 2013


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To:        Conservative Intel
From:        Brock McCleary, Harper Polling
Date:        January 24, 2013

Lance Armstrong, the former “greatest cyclist ever,” has been on a publicity tour to confess to doping.  The reviews have not been great.  We wanted to put the question to the American public.  But more specifically, focus on the legal hell that awaits Armstrong.

There’s a long line of people suing him for fraud and seeking money.  On the criminal side, he could face prosecution for perjury.  We wanted to know whether the public is willing to forgive Armstrong in the aftermath of his coming clean.  Or should he face the justice of the courts?

Here’s the question we asked: As you may have heard, cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to using illegal performance-enhancing drugs during his career.  Which of the following comes closest to your opinion: Armstrong should be forgiven for coming clean, or Armstrong should face the legal consequences of having lied under oath?


No mercy for Lance Armstrong.

All four regions of the country support his prosecution by no less than 60%.  There is no difference between the opinions of men and women on the issue.  Those 18-to-35 years old are the least hostile to Armstrong but they still favor holding him accountable by 56%.

Republicans (70%) take a firmer stand against Armstrong than Democrats (62%).  Those who consider themselves “Liberal” (66%) and “Very Conservative” (65%) at least agree on something.

One may wonder what the motivation is for this kind of consensus.  Is it because they are defending the notion of justice, or do people just really dislike Lance Armstrong?

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