Video: ‘This is junk!’ Congressman flips out at IRS docs ‘redacted to the point of absurdity’

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Published on June 27, 2013

CaptureDuring a House Ways and Means hearing this morning, Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., angrily called “Kafka-esque” the IRS’s needless redaction of key documents involved in investigations of the agency.

The redactions, he said, make transparency impossible because they prevent members of Congress (who also get the full set of documents) from sharing them with the public. Roskam accused the IRS of hiding behind redactions which are falsely made (under “Section 6103) in the name of taxpayer privacy but are, in fact, just a way of covering rear ends at the agency.

“This is junk!” Roskam shouted at IRS Commissioner Dan Werfel, crumpling the heavily-redacted documents in his hands as he did so. “It has no meaning. And you’re hiding behind it!”

This is, perhaps, a technical issue, but it demonstrates the length to which bureaucrats go to shield themselves from transparency when there’s potential embarrassment in the offing. Here’s the video — well worth watching: