Dem group gently #pwned by Texas AG on Twitter

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Published on July 18, 2013

I recently commented on a lengthy (and I thought mostly good, if lacking in some key areas) Texas Monthly piece about Democrats’ efforts there to turn their state blue. The group that gets the biggest name-check is Battleground Texas. The piece hints that this group could be viewed as anything from a serious political operation to an attempt to make Texas Democratic donors feel like they aren’t just their party’s ATM.

Anyway, whatever they are, the Democratic group is going to have to brush up on the social media skills. The Democratic group set itself up by needling the Republicans’ presumptive gubernatorial nominee, Attorney General Greg Abbott during his #AskAbbott forum on Twitter yesterday.

The group hit Abbott with a Tweet en EspaƱol, questioning how Abbott plans to relate to the Latino community.



Abbott wrote back a few minutes later, also in Spanish: “My wife is Latina. And I’ll be able to communicate with all of the voters.”

#pwned, if mildly.