Looks like PPP Polling got under the Cuccinelli campaign’s skin

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Published on August 29, 2013

In response to this poll, which shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading for governor of Virginia by seven points, Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli’s folks just sent out this release, which I’ll just share without comment:

August 29, 2013
RRR Pre-Labor Day Poll

Springfield, Va. – Republican Republican Republican (RRR) Polling today released its new, pre-Labor Day survey.
The traditional (inaugural) Pre-Labor/Pre-Fall Prelude survey shows Ken Cuccinelli steadily increasing his lead over Terry McAuliffe. The last poll, conducted in July, showed Cuccinelli winning by 12 points. Cuccinelli is now ahead by 15 points in the late August survey.
Data shows that Cuccinelli is loved by everyone and disliked by no one. However, the same cannot be said of Terry McAuliffe, as even Democrats don’t like him.
The poll consisted of 45 percent Republicans and 20 percent Democrats. The remainder is independents, and most of them don’t like Terry either.
“Not since Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his Harvard dorm room has a company taken off so quickly as RRR has. I have been overwhelmed by the success we have had. People want and deserve accuracy from their polls, and that’s exactly what we provide with every poll.In our latest Virginia survey, the data very clearly showed Ken Cuccinelli surging past Terry McAuliffe. We even polled people in Mississippi, and they also don’t want Terry to be their Governor,” said Chris LaCivita, President of RRR polling.
RRR is a GOP polling company, run by Republicans, for Republicans.

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