Chris Matthews gets it right: House Dems have everything to lose on Syria vote

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Published on September 04, 2013

Several liberal MSNBC talking-heads have been engaging in a lot of wishful thinking about President Obama’s decision to go to Congress with his plans for war in Syria. For example:


Of course, this is exactly wrong — as I noted yesterday, Obama has been forced into this by fear and might cause several Democratic incumbents to lose their seats.if they go along.

Chris Matthews, of all people, really gets it (hat tip to Hot Air on this one). The only reason Democrats have to vote for this at all is to “save the president’s hide.” As Matthews puts it, “That’s a very bad position to put your party in.” I also agree with his characterization of the vote — that Democrats are going to have to “sacrifice” some of their members in the sense of forcing them to take a vote they don’t want to take.