IBD compiles 258 ‘anecdotes’ of employers cutting hours due to Obamacare

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Published on September 05, 2013

obamacareWhen confronted with the part-timing of the U.S. workforce in the Obamacare era, the White House has typically dismissed the phenomenon as consisting merely of “anecdotes.”

So Investors Business Daily has compiled a list of businesses that have openly cut back employees’ hours in order to avoid Obamacare penalties when enforcement begins in 2015.

The list is far from comprehensive, and in fact doesn’t include companies (such as Forever 21 or Lowes) that have cut back hours to less than 30 per week or started hiring only part-time without explicitly citing the health care law. It also doesn’t include companies that have started to take these measures quietly without receiving coverage.

IBD documents more than 19,000 workers who will be affected by these 258 cuts, but this is actually a low estimate — in many of these 258 cases, it’s not clear how many jobs will be affected. They plan to keep the list up to date, so bookmark it.

The real political danger here for Obama is that during the first half of 2014, a gaggle of new employers start doing the same. The reason is that Obamacare’s employer mandate applies to the previous year’s staffing levels — an attempt to stave off mass-dumping just as employers start to see the law going into action. One way or another, the Obama administration’s decision to delay enforcement of the employer mandate has pushed one of the most obvious negative effects of the law right into the election year.