Cuccinelli’s ‘War on Coal’ ad in #VAGov

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Published on September 18, 2013

CaptureAs we’ve noted here before, the reddening of Appalachia was one of the few positive trends for Republicans in the 2012 race. Counties in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia that were once solidly Democratic have gone in quite the opposite direction, largely because the Obama administration has promised to mark coal for extinction.

The same is true in western Virginia, which until 2010 had a longtime liberal Democratic congressman, despite its culturally conservative bent. That’s where ads like this one hit hard — although it’s important to note that the issue is not as effective in the rest of the state.

The one thing that made me cringe here was the phrase “working poor” — even if it’s accurate, it’s not necessarily the way people like to identify themselves. That’s why “middle class” is so horribly misused by politicians.