#NJSen: Signs of life?

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Published on October 01, 2013

Color me skeptical about this new internal poll that Republican former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan’s campaign has released, showing him only six points behind Newark Mayor Cory Booker. “Internal” is often another word for “fake but accurate.”

Still, last week’s Quinnipiac poll showed the race looking a lot less like a blowout than one might have expected earlier this year. Lonegan trailed in that one by only 12, and broke the 40 percent mark, which the last New Jersey Senate candidate failed to do. Not impressive in absolute terms, perhaps, but this is New Jersey, and this is Cory Booker.

Lonegan is now advertising against Obamacare with the 30 second spot below — an interesting choice just as the law’s state exchanges go online and Washington is in a shutdown over the law.