A very un-Chris Christie knockout punch in last night’s debate #NJGov

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Published on October 09, 2013

When I think of Chris Christie’s style, I think about the guy who embarrasses hecklers and cracks wise sharply enough to make his political opponents heads hurt. But sometimes, you can knock your opponent over with a feather. That’s exactly what he does here:

You can even see from the look on her face that Barbara Buono knows she’s been had.

The excellent Save Jersey Blog adds some context:

Swinging wildly all night in search of an elusive score, when asked to “say something nice” about her opponent, Buono stayed consistently nasty and snorted that Christie was “good on late night television.”
Governor Christie remained disciplined and proceeded to compliment Sen. Buono’s dedication to public service. “While we have policy agreements,” Christie said in a serious tone, “I would never denigrate her service.”