It took incredible arrogance to launch Health Care dot Gov on October 1

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Published on October 22, 2013

CaptureI don’t care if you’re Obama’s and Obamacare’s biggest fan. This report in the Washington Post is just insane:

Days before the launch of President Obama’s online health ­insurance marketplace, government officials and contractors tested a key part of the Web site to see whether it could handle tens of thousands of consumers at the same time. It crashed after a simulation in which just a few hundred people tried to log on simultaneously.

Despite the failed test, federal health officials plowed ahead.

When the Web site went live Oct. 1, it locked up shortly after midnight as about 2,000 users attempted to complete the first step, according to two people familiar with the project.

Two thousand users? This is the “volume problem” the White House has been using as its excuse now for three weeks? This is not a “volume problem,” this is a competence problem — and possibly also a problem with an administration that has put political face-saving ahead of achieving its own stated health insurance goals.

There are some people out there arguing that conservatives shouldn’t complain, or that it’s somehow logically inconsistent to do so because they were the ones who spoke out against this whole idea.

Now that’s arrogance. Is that how you defend your badly-written law, which forces people to buy a product, limits their options for getting it, and then puts even the few options they have out of reach?

Think about it a second. Practically no one can enroll in the exchanges, yet Obamacare rules are currently forcing the discontinuation of up to 16 million people’s individual market insurance policies, and a CBO-estimated 7 million people’s employer-based policies. Whatever segment of those folks can’t afford to pay unsubsidized and newly (thanks to the law) jacked-up premiums — they can just call that 800 number, right?

And amidst this debacle, it’s the people who warned against this central planning nightmare all along who are supposed to sit by quietly. Quite the contrary. To quote president Obama from 2009, 

“I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”