Obama’s ‘administrative fix’ for his health care law: He’s just making it up as he goes along

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Published on November 15, 2013

obamacareMany people on both Left and Right have scratched their heads over President Obama’s proposed (and probably illegal) “administrative fix” to Obamacare, which is designed to provide political cover for Democrats in Congress. The Washington Post’s Ed Rogers offered the least charitable (though certainly accurate) description I have seen anywhere:

Is the president’s Obamacare “fix” part of the Obama administration’s pattern of deceit or a product of its frequent delusion?

A cursory discussion with almost anyone who knows anything about the insurance business would have alerted the president to the fact that his proposal is unworkable.

The immediate reaction of several state insurance commissioners — including Washington State, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island, D.C., and Arkansas — is that his proposed solution is completely impractical and cannot be implemented. The insurance commissioner of Indiana, a Republican, spoke for many people in both parties when he expressed his frustration to the New York Times that the whole thing was basically being dumped on him and other state officials:

“This is absurd,” he said. The president, he said, made a “purely political decision” that punts his problem squarely into the laps of state insurance commissioners. “It’s unfair to us and our citizens.” A number of other state officials, both Democrats and Republicans, echoed Mr. Harrison’s frustration but were not willing to speak on the record.

Even if some of the state officials acquiesce to this, how about the insurers themselves? They’d have to be in on this to make it work. So from the New York Times comes this account of Obama’s Friday meeting with several insurance executives. And it turns out they had no more clue about what Obama was talking about on Thursday than you and I did:

The insurers, many of whom expressed anger that the president had not consulted them before Thursday’s announcement, said they had come away from the meeting willing to work with the White House on the cancellation issue and still protect the financial viability of the new insurance marketplaces. They did not discuss in detail how the president’s goal might be achieved.

In other words, Obama is flying blind here. A wing and a prayer, making it up as he goes along. Maybe he should ask those “BROSURANCE” keg stand guys if they have any ideas.

This chart from the White House explains everything: