Obamacare also causing ‘deductible shock’

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Published on November 18, 2013

Never mind rate shock. Today, the Detroit Free Press hits a topic I’ve been writing about for weeks now — deductible shock. This, even more than the higher premiums, is the main reason I’ve written that Obamacare is junk insurance. If your deductible goes up, it leaves you paying for more of own care, so that means you’re not as well insured as you were before.

Many of the people seeing their policies canceled right now were in situations like mine — they previously had individual market plans with what they thought were already high deductibles. Then Obamacare goes into effect, and boom! The only plans coming anywhere near to being comparable in terms of premiums carry significantly higher deductibles than anyone was used to or willing to accept:

In southeast Michigan, deductibles in most of the 14 bronze plans listed on the marketplace — those with lower premiums — top $5,000 for a single person and $10,000-$12,000 for a family. Insurance won’t kick in until those out-of-pocket costs are met.

“(People) are saying ‘I can afford to buy health care, I just can’t afford to get sick,’ ” said Allen Zuppke, a Southfield insurance broker who helps consumers weigh risks, costs and options in buying health insurance….

This anecdote is really telling, and it’s especially important beacuse a lot of Detroit’s municipal retirees are going to find themselves in this situation:

Former Detroit Police Officer Alfred Goode is among those who had hoped to have purchased a policy by now. Instead, he said, he’s at a loss as to what to do.

“I’m not a poor man, but I can’t afford this,” said Goode, who is losing his retiree insurance in Detroit’s bankruptcy. “That’s like another house note and a car note.”