Yes, Obamacare is working

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Published on November 18, 2013

As recently as 2006, only 28 percent agreed that it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure everyone has health coverage. And then, Obamacare:



There’s nothing permanent about public opinion, of course. But there’s nothing like failure to concentrate the mind. And things are probably going to get worse next year.

Conservatives should not take away from this an opportunity to spike the football. Rather, they should view it as a second last chance to reform the system in a positive way, by removing the obstacles government had created earlier to a sensible free-market system of health insurance. The pre-Obamacare market was indeed dysfunctional, and that’s how Obama was able to campaign on a reform plan. To fix the issue is to take that away from the next generation of demagogues.

Republicans failed to fix health insurance the last time they had control — they cannot afford to make the same mistake again. Repeal of Obamacare is not a sufficient goal — its replacement with something better is necessary.