Obamacare website finally works well enough to deliver long-expected sticker shock

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Published on December 02, 2013

So, the Obama administration says that healthcare.gov is fixed. Of course, it isn’t really fixed, but our expectations have been lowered so much that this is close enough:

Even if it isn’t perfect, more people are finally able to get through and see quotes. And that’s Obamacare’s big problem — the one we all expected, as opposed to the unexpectedly bad website issues.

Now that the site is sort-of working, people are learning that practically all of their disposable income will soon go to pay for more expensive health insurance that is substantially worse than what they had before. And people with employee plans aren’t safe, either — know that you may be in this boat soon.

Take this guy — Dave Petno, an insurance broker in Ohio who had been trying to get through the system and apply since it opened October 1. His story was picked up by the Daily Caller this morning. Here’s what Petno has to say: 

I finally got a series of quotes for my family.  My family currently has an HSA Plan through Anthem with a $6,000 Deductible, and $6,000 OOP Maximum.  We currently pay $735/month for this plan design…

Today, I was able to generate a series of quotes from Heathcare.gov…Note, the lowest Bronze Plan (really crappy coverage) is higher than what we currently Pay.

The most comparable Anthem plan, with the same deductible, but an Out of Pocket Maximum of $1500 HIGHER than my current plan, is $1,117/month.  That is a 52% higher than my current plan with Anthem.  It is also important to note that the Anthem Marketplace plan includes MANY Fewer hospitals and doctors and does not include The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Summa Health System, and Ohio State University Hospitals, among others.

Note: He includes screen-captures for everything, just click through to see them.

In another blog post, he notes that he’s going to bite the bullet and buy the $1,117 plan. So he’s going to be paying almost $400 more per month for insurance than he was before. And no, Obama-bots, it’s not better insurance, it’s worse insurance. He’s one of the middle class people I refer to here in this week’s Examiner column:

Obamacare will cancel date nights and trips to visit family; it will force less generous Christmases for children. It will mean that for all your hard work, you’ll still be driving that piece of junk a few more years before you can afford to replace it with something more reliable.

Substantially higher premiums, restricted doctor networks, higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maxima. From previously insurable middle-class people (not even just the healthy ones), you’re going to hear this story again and again, now that more people can get through and see the overpriced, sub-standard health insurance that Obamacare has to offer.