By the way, Fort Lee voted for Christie

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Published on January 08, 2014

CaptureI mentioned earlier that the Chris Christie political appointee who cooked up that now-infamous traffic study, David Wildstein, had written something especially priceless in his subpoenaed communications.

He had told someone (in writing) not to worry about the children that the resulting traffic jams were keeping away from school, “They are the children of Buono voters.”

Well, turns out he was probably wrong. Chris Christie carried Fort Lee, 3,735 votes to 2,941 for Democrat Barbara Buono.  (Special thanks to @byelin and @sopranoLJ for helping me track that down.)

So if the closure of two dedicated Fort Lee toll booth lanes was an attempt to punish the town’s Democratic mayor for not endorsing Christie, it probably punished the children of Christie supporters instead.