#WV03: GOP poll has Rep. Nick Rahall (D) trailing by 14 points

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Published on March 11, 2014


East Appalachia in Congress, now and in 1998. Note that almost every Blue district from those days is now Red.

Take this with a grain of salt — it’s a Republican Party poll — but this result isn’t surprising, coming as it does in one of the ever-Redder Appalachian states. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake:

Longtime Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) trails in his reelection campaign by double digits, according to a new Republican poll.

State Sen. Evan Jenkins (R) leads Rahall 54 percent to 40 percent in the survey, which was conducted by the Tarrance Group for the National Republican Congressional Committee and Jenkins’s campaign. The poll was shared with the Washington Post.

Even if you cut the lead in half to compensate for the poll’s partisan nature, Rahall just looks like a dead man walking. 

West Virginia has come a long way since I graduated college. In 2000, Democrats held all three House seats and and both Senate seats. By the time this election is over, Republicans may control one of the state’s two Senate seats, all three seats in Congress, and perhaps even the state House.

In Rahall’s particular case, his vote for the Progressive Caucus budget (which contained a carbon tax) will probably be his undoing. There’s just no way out of that one when you represent coal country.