Mozilla set a new company record today for online customer dissatisfaction (Updated)

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Published on April 04, 2014

Update to this post: “Wow, Mozilla will break its online complaint record yet again today.

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If Mozilla was hoping to avoid controversy by edging out former CEO Brendan Eich, the company has most certainly failed. The graph below comes from the feedback page on their site. This chart goes back to when the comment system was adopted, and the highest number of “sad” comments is today, by a factor of about two. The second highest number came yesterday.


(Note that graph includes tomorrow at the far right, with a complaint value of zero.)

UPDATE: Welcome, InstaPundit fans. Here’s an update of that graph from Saturday morning. The number of complaints from yesterday doubled after we originally posted this. Today, it’s not 11 a.m. yet and the number of “sads” ┬áis about 1,500, where it usually is after a whole day:


For a flavor of the complaints, click through or just have a look: