Rick Perry’s Challenge to Congress

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Published on August 01, 2014

Undeterred by criticism that he’s just playing politics, Texas Governor Rick Perry is upping the ante on his tough immigration stance.

He has already traveled to the Texas border with Mexico and called out the Texas National Guard. Now, Rebecca Shabad from The Hill reports, Perry is challenging both sides of the aisle to stay put on Capitol Hill until the job of securing the border is done:

“While Texas has taken what steps it can to mitigate the damage caused by a porous border, Congress and the president have a duty to address our border security issues without further delay. Congress should not go into recess until the job is completed.”

With a potential coup on his hands among the GOP caucus, Speaker John Boehner is mulling a new immigration package that might get some traction lest the party get stuck with the political hot potato that President Obama has created.

Having climbed to the top of the charts in many issue surveys, the immigration and border security crisis could likely drag on until the midterm elections and thus play a major role in voter sentiments as they enter the voting booth. Which party — and which candidates — appear to have the best handle on this issue will have the clear favor. And it is entirely conceivable that the control over the Senate could hinge on this one issue.

Some analysts speculate that this is precisely what President Obama has in mind in using his lame-duck position: manufacture a crisis on the border, then stick Republicans with the problem of looking inhumane for not electing to accept homeless immigrant children.