Update: McDaniel Formally Challenges Primary Results

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Published on August 05, 2014

In what was all but certain, Fox News reports that Mississippi state Senator Chris McDaniel has filed a formal challenge to the election results in his narrow primary defeat by incumbent Senator Thad Cochran.

Arguably the ugliest primary battle this cycle, McDaniel’s campaign has charged Cochran with election fraud including allegations of driving voters to polls and then paying them to vote for Cochran.

“The facts, they’re on our side. The law is on our side… They asked us to put up or shut up, and here we are with the evidence.”
- Chris McDaniel

Among the claims in the challenge is a report that more than 40,000 Democrats were prompted to vote in the Republican primary (which is legal in Mississippi) and that in doing so “mistakes were made” which violated election law.

The certified election results show Cochran with a razor-thin margin of victory of only 7,667 votes.

The Cochran campaign issued a statement on the challenge, “We look forward to holding the McDaniel campaign to the burden of proof that the law requires – and, we are dedicated to the defense of the votes of those Mississippians who voted on June 24 for Thad Cochran as their United States senator, an election which has been as thoroughly reviewed and examined as any in modern Mississippi history.”

You can find McDaniel’s full 243 page complaint here.