Voters Want GOP Running the Show

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Published on August 05, 2014

With the midterm elections exactly three months from today, new polls and surveys are aplenty. The latest poll from NBC/Wall Street Journal adds fuel to the Republican fire.

Respondents to the survey who were registered to vote indicated by 43% that they prefer to see Republicans running the House and the Senate. The Democrat Party pulled only 41% support… despite more respondents being self-identified as Democrats.

45% of registered voters identified as Democrats, and 42% identified as Republicans, while just 11% saw themselves as Independents.

Though the margin of error was greater than the difference, the take-away is that the Republican brand has come out from the statistical basement since the government shutdown debacle which soured voters on the GOP last year.

Another revealing data-point could help explain the preference for Republicans.  “Politically speaking,” 45% of registered voters considered themselves “Conservative” or “Very conservative” while just 22% identified as “Liberal” or “Very liberal.” Those identifying as “Moderate” weighed in at 33%. If, as Pew Research indicates, the Democrat platform is growing increasingly liberal, moderate voters may begin to feel that Republicans more accurately represent their positions.

These new numbers corroborate the growing voter intensity among GOP likely voters which give a very credible turnout advantage to Republican candidates in November.