Chris Christie Takes A Dive in the Polls

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Published on August 07, 2014

Newsmax reports that the political hot/cold list is in maximum flux as the 2014 midterm elections edge closer to a conclusion.

While Rick Perry and Marco Rubio continue to see gradual increases in their numbers, the most recent results of a Quinnipiac Poll show approval for Chris Christie headed in the wrong direction in his own state.

The poll indicated that 47% don’t like the job Christie is doing in New Jersey, which marks a low point since 2011. Making matters worse, Hillary Clinton showed better approval numbers in NJ than its own governor.

“The ‘Jersey Guy’ image that Governor Christie has cultivated had earned him national attention as a tough guy. But now his neighbors are divided on whether he cares about them,” explained Qunnipiac’s Maurice Carroll, assistant director of the poll.

On the heels of the bridge scandal, Christie’s tough guy image took some hits with many voters nationally reassessing whether they can trust him as a leader. On the campaign trail stumping for numerous candidate fundraisers, the Christie camp aims to repair the damage and rebuild momentum in what most see as preparation for launching his 2016 presidential bid.