Lamar Alexander Emerges Safe

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Published on August 08, 2014

The Tennessee Republican primary this week proved victorious for Sen. Lamar Alexander, reports Fox News. Winning 50% of the vote, he beat back a number of challengers in the latest Tea Party contest of an incumbent GOP seat.

The lead challenge came from Tea Party-backed Congressman Joe Carr, who won 41% of the vote. Car moved to capitalize on Alexander’s weak record on immigration in the face of the on-going crisis at the southern border.

Carr attempted to follow the successful campaign model used by Dave Brat in his surprise defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by focusing on the incumbent’s accommodations of the Democrat Party’s push for amnesty.

To prevent the Cantor redux, Alexander out-spent Carr 5-to-1 and in the final weeks of the campaign traveled heavily meeting with voters and pressed hard on defeating Obamacare.