#MTSen: Walsh Drops Out

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Published on August 08, 2014

Speculation became reality yesterday in the midst of his embroiled plagiarism scandal as Montana Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate John Walsh officially called it quits.

Fueled by demands from the state’s top two newspapers that he end his operation, the Walsh campaign had canceled campaign events and gone silent in recent days tipping their hand that a decision was near.

“I am ending my campaign so that I can focus on fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to me as your U.S. Senator. You deserve someone who will always fight for Montana, and I will,” detailed Walsh in his statement.

The Democrat Party is expected to hold a convention within the next two weeks to nominate a candidate ahead of the Aug. 20 deadline to replace Walsh. The events put particular constraints on the eventual nominee who will have less than 90 days to assemble a campaign apparatus and mount a challenge to Republican nominee Rep. Steve Daines.

In the latest polls, Daines was easily double digits ahead of Walsh and is gaining momentum. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has pegged the race in Montana as one of several likely pick-up seats in their quest to retake control of the U.S. Senate in November.

With well under 90 days left in the race, many analysts have already already put the seat in the ‘W’ column for Republicans.